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We do not only produce steel belts,but also  deliver artisan spirit!


Wood based panel

Wood based panels such as particle-boards, OSB- and MDF-boards are almost exclusively being produced on solid steel or solid stainless steel belts. The belt serves as media for pressure as well as for heat transfer and allows continuous production methods in especially designed continuous or semi-continuous presses


Rubber industry

Continuous vulcanizing presses are integral process-elements in the rubber-industry. Steel belts destined for use in rubber curing applications are serving as media for pressure as well as for heat transfer. At the same time, the steel belt's surface will form the final surface of the rubber product to be cured. Mingke offers high tensile strength grade stainless steel qualities with special surface finishes for such applications


Chemical Industry

Unlike conveyor belts used purely for transportation purposes, surface and material of belts used in the chemical industry have an important role to play. Stainless special steel belts with especially good welding properties are used in the production of resins, waxes, paraffins, sulfur, phosphates, powder-coatings and the like.


Food Industry

Mingke belts are as endless as the number of their uses in the food industry. The applications of our stainless steel belts range from meat processing plants to vegetable transportation and processing to freezing, drying, steaming or cooking of a wide variety of food products.


Paper industry

Extra-wide process belts for the paper industry. Mingke can provide steel belts up to 8m width!


Film casting

Super-mirror-polished steel belts have been used in the manufacture of photographic films and ceramic sheets. Today, growing recognition of the qualities of this unique processing material has seen film casting applications expanded to include specialist films for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) on cameras and notebooks; thin films for printed circuit boards (PCBs); filter membranes for medical use and plastic films for high quality packaging.