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We do not only produce steel belts,but also  deliver artisan spirit!



  • Mingke Service Solutions

      Mingke provides its customers with a wide range of cost saving service solutions.Our tailored service agreements include, 24h service, spare components, maintenance and repairs, full or part rebuilds and overhauls, covering the whole life cycle of the Steel belt.

      Mingke offers service on steel belts, irrespective of their supplier, to customers around the globe. Our skilled and experienced service staff will assist you with almost any problem you might encounter on your belt. Our service possibilities range from repairing cracks to inserting patches or entire sections into used belts. Our service managers will be pleased to discuss you specific needs with you in detail.

If you want to hear more about our services, please contact us at don_23@163.com or call our service number.



  • Belt installation on customer site.





  • Crack repair work


  • Belt dents repair work


  • Patch






  • Welding line heattreatment;
  • Scratch mirror polishing;
  • Shot peening


  • V-rope